The dramatic improved the laptop battery life by 100%

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Better Laptop battery life, How to increase your laptop battery life by 100%?: A blog about improving your laptop battery life.

20 Simple Ways To Restore and Improve Your Battery Life: a blog on 3 tips to improve your laptop batteries.

Observe battery health first.
Use laptop on a hardwood floor instead of carpet, this allows air to circulate better around the computer and keep it cool.
Do not stack your laptop on books, magazines or papers as these can block airflow.
Shield your laptop from direct sunlight and use a laptop cooler when using it on your lap or on a bed etc. (this will save your lap from heat damage.)
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  1. Don’t use a screen saver, since the display is continuously
    scanning for changes
  2. Use power saving mode
  3. Close the lid when not in use
  4. Uninstall unneeded software and programs
  5. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cell connections when not using them
  6. Dim or turn off the backlit keyboard
  7. Keep your laptop cool by placing it on a hard surface rather than a soft one
  8. Dim your screen
  9. Minimize the programs running
  10. Turn on power-saving features
  11. Always plug in your laptop when charging

let’s start with the basic tips like:

1. Avoid charging your battery until it is fully drained; this could reduce battery life.

2. Avoid charging your battery overnight as overcharging it could also reduce its life.

3. Try not to leave your laptop plugged in for long periods of time; ideally, you want to use your battery power on a daily basis so that it stays at maximum capacity

  1. Update the device drivers for all your hardware
  2. Replace your hard disk with an SSD
  3. Set the screen brightness to a reasonable level
  4. Start by uninstalling unnecessary software
  5. Turn of power hungry hardware when not in use
  6. Minimize screen brightness

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